2012 Atheist Contingent in San Francisco Gay Pride Parade

Despite some problems with a huge Facebook contingent that made if difficult for many people to find our contingent, we had 64 people for this exhilarating event. Just like last year, when asked, everyone said that they really enjoyed being in the parade.


However, the Pride Parade is about a whole lot more than having a good time. It is about supporting a minority that is especially persecuted by religion. It is about understanding that we must build alliances with our friends. It is about being serious about affecting change.


The contingent was sponsored by Atheists Advocates of SF, San Francisco Atheists, and East Bay Atheists. American Atheists State Director, Larry Hicok, also played a major role in organizing this event.


Here are some photos of the parade, courtesy of Norm Clevenger:

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