Rally Against the Attack of the Catholic Church on Women's Rights, April 28, 2012

Cathedral St. Mary of the Assumption, 1111 Gough St, San Francisco

A spontaneous movement among women on Facebook gathered momentum in April, 2012. Calling itself "We Are Women--March", it organized major protests against the attack on women's rights in cities around the country. Nothing was planned in the Bay Area; rather they focused on busing supporters to the Sacramento rally.

American Atheists, along with Atheist Advocates of SF, SF Atheists and East Bay Atheists, called for a supporting rally on April 28th at the primary Catholic Church in San Francisco. They said that it is not only important that there be a rally for those who couldn't make it to Sacramento, but it was vitally important that we point to the obvious elephant in the room: the Catholic Church, which uses its vast wealth and power to oppose women's rights throughout the world.

Thirty three people joined in, and everyone remarked on how great it felt. We rallied for 1.5 hours, receiving many raised thumbs and honks of support. Although we notified the police in advance, they did not bother to attend. Our history is that we never have problems requiring police.

We received press coverage from Fog City Journal.

Afterwards many attendees got together at a local cafe.

Here are some photos from the event: (Photos Courtesy of Brenda Bailey, Rudy Ruddell, and Rick St. James)

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