Matt Dillahunty at EBA at 11:30 AM on Saturday, Oct 4th! (Note Time Change)


MattDillahuntyThis month we feature atheist superstar Matt Dillahunty. “If tomorrow someone demonstrates there is a god, I am done being an atheist, but I will continue being a skeptic and a humanist. And if the god that someone demonstrates to exist is not a humanist, fuck him!”


Matt talks about non-skeptical atheists, people who are atheists for the wrong reason. Some are born into it; some go there from a sense of betrayal; and some go there because it feels right.


As skeptics we need to recognize that we are all biased and wrong sometimes.


Also skeptics need to understand that magical thinking, the root of religion, is also the root of pseudoscience. Where would psychics be without a prevalent belief that we all have an immortal soul that leaves us when we die? Matt elaborates on this in his talk “Atheism & Skepticism.”


Matt is the primary host of the Atheist Experience, one of the most famous atheist podcasts out there, and a regular featured speaker at American Atheist conventions and local conferences. We have teamed with groups in San Jose, Sacramento and Reno to bring him to the Bay Area at an affordable price.


Matt will also speak at Atheist Advocates of SF on Sunday, October 5th at 3:00. Click here for info. Matt’s understanding of the subject is so extensive that the two talks will each include unique content. And there will be an extended discussion period with a chance to talk with Matt at dinner afterwards. Consider attending both events!


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When: Saturday, October 4th at 11:30


Location: Public Meeting Room, Third Floor, Berkeley Public Library, Main Branch, at 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck


BART Access: Less than one block from the downtown Berkeley BART Station.


Parking: All day parking is available for $7 on the weekend at the lot at Allston & Harold Way, a short block from the library.


Information: Larry Hicok, Coordinator: 510-222-7580

Ski Grabowski, Treasurer: 510-652-8350


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