Steve Newton of NCSE Speaks on "Defending Science Against Denial: the Challenges of Teaching Evolution & Climate Change in an Hostile Age"


StevenNewtonWhy do 40% of the American public think dinosaurs and humans lived together? Why is the Senate's main committee on the environment headed by someone who thinks climate change is a "hoax"? Steven Newton, a professor of geology at College of Marin, and a programs and policy director at the National Center for Science Education, explores these issues and more in a talk that examines why in an age where science and technology are so critical to our lives and the economy, so many citizens flee from scientific thought, embracing instead half-baked conjectures long discarded by the scientific community. Newton will outline the scope of the problem, explain the urgency for improved scientific literacy, and offer solutions to increase the public understanding of science.


Please join us for this talk and the ensuing discussion. And please join us afterwards for dinner at King Dong, at 2429 Shattuck Ave, near Haste.


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When: Sunday, July 19th at 1:30


Location: Public Meeting Room, Third Floor, Berkeley Public Library, Main Branch, at 2090 Kittredge at Shattuck


BART Access: Less than one block from the downtown Berkeley BART Station.


Parking: All day parking is available for $7 on the weekend at the lot at Allston & Harold Way, a short block from the library.


Information: Larry Hicok, Coordinator: 510-222-7580

Ski Grabowski, Treasurer: 510-652-8350

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